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The male sex organs

The male sex organs.
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The male sexual organ is composed of the testicle and the penis, whereas the testis is responsible for producing sperm and testosterone. The testicle is in the bag format and is external to the body, which helps to maintain the temperature of the sperm 1 ° C less than the rest of the body.

The sperm cell is an active, able to swim freely, formed by a head and a tail. The head is the largest volume of sperm and carries the genetic material.

Testosterone is a hormone and to the surprise of some, is produced both in how many men in women, the difference is the amount, in man is about 20 a 30 Vèze higher and gives features like facial hair, pubic, thick vocal cords and muscles developed.

The penis is made up of two types of tissues (two corpora cavernosa and one corpus spongiosum) and a slit at the end. When man becomes aroused during intercourse, the spongy tissue fills with blood, promoting, then, its increase, what is important to its main function: placing sperm inside a woman.