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The History of the First Test Tube Baby

Louise Brown a Primeira bebê de Proveta da Humanidade

There 35 year born, Louise Brown, the first test tube baby of humanity.

His birth, The madrugada of 25 July 1978, caused much uproar in Oldham General Hospital, near Manchester, England, and the scientific community. What previously seemed impossible just become reality.

With a blockage in the tubes, mother, Leslie Brown, only managed conceive found when the embryologist Robert Edwards and or ginecologista Patrick Steptoe. It took at least 50 that attempts to avenge the embryo that would become Louise Brown.

View all news is always afraid. On occasion, was not different. The media and the scientific community viewed with distrust done Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards. From então, test tube babies, donation and receipt of human reproductive material, freezing and discarding of embryos, cloning, genetic medicine, Bioethics, Biolaw, Dentre other topics, have left more than rely on broad exploration media.

Amid a flurry of critical, observers and hopeful couples, research continued to advance. In 1981, Doctor Howard Jones announced the birth of first test tube baby U.S. us: Elizabeth Jordan Carr.