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Av. Indianópolis, 1960 | Planalto Paulista | Sao Paulo | SP

55 (11) 5581-2045 / 5072-4150 | (11) 99666-1455

Diretor Clínico: Dr. Raul Eid Nakano - CRM 46.514

Anna Paula Caldeira, The First Test Tube Baby of Brazil makes Anniversary

Ana Paula Caldeira

In the next day 07/10 It is the birthday of Anna Paula Caldeira. It would be any birthday if she was not the first test tube baby in Brazil. She says there will be "no big deal" the celebration. Mas, by the side of science, It recognizes the case of a representative time-. From this procedure, more than 300 thousand babies were born in the country by IVF (IVF). No world, are five million since 1978, quando Louise Joy Brown He was born in the UK.

Anna Paula He was born in São José dos Pinhais (PR), but now lives in Joinville (SC). She was the first child born by IVF also in Latin America. Your mother, the Paraná Ilza boiler, uma perform tubal and uterine tubes, hence, I could not have more children. That's when sought medical Milton Nakamura (in memoriam), a technique that testava, until then, unsuccessfully.

Dr. Raul Nakano He joined the team Dr. Milton Nakamura and can talk about the evolution of the area human reproduction. "Since the first cases of success of IVF science has progressed by leaps and bounds spanning several barriers of medicine", reports doctor specializing in assisted reproduction.