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Portal R7 – Expert warns of the risk of pregnancy after,pt 40 years

Gravidez de Janet Jackson aos 49 anos One of the news that caught the attention this week was the Pregnancy singer Janet Jackson, who would be expecting her first child at 49 years old.

Michael Jackson's sister is not the only. Others famous Brazilian also appear on the list of women who became pregnant after 40 years.

But according to the doctor Raul Nakano, doctor in human reproduction specialist and director of clinical Ferticlin, in São Paulo, late pregnancy brings more risks for both mother, and the baby.

Após os 35 years, both the quantity and quality of the eggs decrease, causing a pregnancy by natural methods becomes even more difficult.

The age difference between mother and child is another fact that must also be taken into account because of physical factors. For those who think of opting for artificial insemination, Doctor Raul Nakano highlights a standard of the Regional Council of Medicine that does not allow treatment for women over 50 years.

- The Council considers that the risks would be much higher for both the mother and the child from this age. Além de ter uma diferença de idade muito grande entre as duas gerações.

The expert notes that social factors make women leave the arrival of children to after 30 years.

- Studies show that women have changed usual, estão investindo mais em suas carreiras profissionais, buscando uma estabilidade econômica e para isso atrasando a chegada do primeiro filho.

But, if that was the choice of the patient, it is important to remember that even 35 years, guarantees to more easily and securely.

Dr. Raul Nakano It says that the ideal age in order to have children, biologically speaking, It is in the range of 20 a 30 years, period that the body reaches its fullest, and physical performance is maximum.

No case of Janet Jackson, the doctor asks if the pregnancy the singer was by natural means or by Assisted Reproduction, as, this age, in both cases, chances are much smaller.

Após os 40 years, even with fertilization, the chances of success are only 5% compared to a person with ideal age, and less than 3% a natural pregnancy.

One of the options for those who wish to postpone the desire to be a mother to after 35 years years is freezing eggs, the remaining cases should be reviewed by a reproduction specialist.

Source: Portal R7