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Diretor Clínico: Dr. Raul Eid Nakano - CRM 46.514

Dr. Raul Nakano, attends the opening of the 22nd Brazilian Congress of Assisted Reproduction

The official opening of 22º Brazilian Congress of Assisted Reproduction (CBRA) It happened on Thursday (2), in Brasilia, with the participation of former President of the Supreme Court Carlos Ayres Britto who delivered a lecture on "Legal Status of the Embryo".

On occasion, the jurist recalled the historic vote of the direct action of unconstitutionality 3510 / DF, in which participated as rapporteur, which allowed the use of embryonic stem cells for research in Brazil.

"The Constitution is clear to protect the family, understanding that it is the basis of society. But the union of a sperm and an egg, to take place outside the woman's body, It should not be considered as a life. The embryo only becomes a life, to develop in the woman's uterus. Without this metamorphosis happen, the embryo is only an embryo ", he explained.

Britto also expounded on the eggs have fertilized, but frozen for more than three years. "The possibility of this embryo become a human life is practically nil, to have the very low viability. But it has great potential to turn into body tissues and provide treatment and continuity of other lives ".

During the ceremony, the president of the Brazilian Society of Assisted Reproduction (SBRA), Dr. Hitomi Nakagawa thanked the presence of all speakers, exhibitors and congress. "We understand that assisted reproduction is a tool to realize the dream of complete families. And on behalf of the board of SBRA, compliance all present and I hope that this conference will be an opportunity for the development and training of these professionals realize dreams through medicine ", concluded.

The CBRA 2018 it happens to 4 of August, the International Convention Center in Brasilia - CCIB. Check out the complete schedule on the website: https://goo.gl/WwpG2J

By Isabela Ximenes - Collective Talk Communications Creative / Photo: Marcelo Lima