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Excess sugar impairs fertility?

sadly yes. Several studies already show an increase in the number of cases of infertility in men and women and that are related to excessive consumption of sugar. Soft drinks, industrialized juices, among other sugary drinks they have shown great villains to design a baby.

A study conducted at Boston University (USA), for example, followed men and women between 21 and 45 years and concluded that daily intake of a ref tinrigerante reduced by about 20% the chances of pregnancy. The study coordinator, Professor Elizabeth Hatch points further three surveys relating to low-quality semen of men who ate the drink.

to consume excess sugar our whole body is affected, including our reproductive system. That's because we have the production of numerous substances for digestion of this sugar and at the same time may cause metabolic and hormonal changes important throughout our body.

Além disso, the sugar affects the pituitary gland, a gland of the brain responsible for sending stimuli to the ovaries and testes, decreasing the production of eggs and sperm and consequently the chances of fertilization.

And do not forget Diabetes. When already installed, the disease may also have a negative impact on fertility, causing abnormalities in menstruation in women, increasing the chances of miscarriage or premature menopause. Already in men can cause premature aging of sperm.

To feed and. The consumption of healthy foods, as fruits, vegetables and fish contribute not only to the health of eggs and sperm, but of our entire body.

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