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Av. Indianópolis, 1960 | Planalto Paulista | Sao Paulo | SP

55 (11) 5581-2045 / 5072-4150 | (11) 99666-1455

Diretor Clínico: Dr. Raul Eid Nakano - CRM 46.514

Clinic for Human Reproduction

The stork sorry but human reproduction is one of the most beautiful and thoughtful in our body. Tudo planejado para acontecer de forma harmoniosa entre órgãos internos e externos e recheado de detalhes importantes para os futuros papais e mamães entenderem melhor a reprodução humana. This blog was created to transform the future parents, As Deepak Chopra says "Knowledge of any type causes a shift in consciousness where it is possible to create new realities". We want every article you can learn more about your body and your partner and together, by knowing, conquer this great dream, having a child.


Race Fertility

Doing physical exercises also promote in addition to a healthier life preparing for the coming of a new life, for this reason or Hotel [...]

Doctors are concerned about unethical if the novel Fina Estampa

If a case like this were real, medical management of Daniele violate many rules of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) e não poderia em [...]


Menstrual cramps, or dysmenorrhea, pelvic pain is caused by the release of prostaglandins, substâncias que fazem o útero contrair para [...]


Dyspareunia is pain during intercourse. Occurs both in men and women, more frequently among women.

Timed intercourse

Method helps in the treatment of pregnancy. Also called "dating programmed", o coito programado é um tratamento indicado para mulheres que [...]

Stress in the Process of Fertilization

How stress can compromise the fertilization process? Better to talk about it, before we understand what is stress. Stress is the [...]

What is Endometriosis

The currently reaches of Endometriosis 15% a 25% approximately women of reproductive age who are. Among adolescents who have [...]

Understand the process of freezing and Egg Donation, portrayed in the novel Fine Stamp

Postponing motherhood is a reality increasingly common. The major concern of today's couples is to achieve financial stability and [...]

Polycystic ovary has healing?

Today Polycystic ovary syndrome affects about 10% Women of reproductive age, and can cause metabolic and endocrinological.

Causes of female infertility

Causes of Infertility Women See other articles in Human Reproduction series The dream of many women today is not having a car of the year, um [...]