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Av. Indianópolis, 1960 | Planalto Paulista | Sao Paulo | SP

55 (11) 5581-2045 / 5072-4150 | (11) 99666-1455

Diretor Clínico: Dr. Raul Eid Nakano - CRM 46.514

Clinic for Human Reproduction

The stork sorry but human reproduction is one of the most beautiful and thoughtful in our body. Tudo planejado para acontecer de forma harmoniosa entre órgãos internos e externos e recheado de detalhes importantes para os futuros papais e mamães entenderem melhor a reprodução humana. This blog was created to transform the future parents, As Deepak Chopra says "Knowledge of any type causes a shift in consciousness where it is possible to create new realities". We want every article you can learn more about your body and your partner and together, by knowing, conquer this great dream, having a child.

Endometriosis x Physical activities

Endometriosis is a chronic disease that affects about 10% Women of childbearing age. Infertility and chronic pelvic pain are [...]

Dr. Raul Nakano, attends the opening of the 22nd Brazilian Congress of Assisted Reproduction

The official opening of the 22nd Brazilian Congress of Assisted Reproduction (CBRA) It happened on Thursday (2), in Brasilia, with the participation [...]

World Breastfeeding Week

Established by the World Health Organization (OMS) and the Ministry of Health as a social mobilization strategy to raise awareness and [...]

Movement of Fertility

We team Ferticlin, We support the cause. Come have coffee and clarify any doubts about treatments for Human Reproduction.

Festival of Japan 2018

We of the staff Ferticlin, thank the friends and customers who visited us at the Japanese Festival 2018, held on 20 a 22 July and [...]

interview Program: Viver é Melhor! About Infertility Couples

Watch the interview with Dr. Raul Nakano para o programa Viver é Melhor! sobre o tema: Couples Infertility.

Each friend has a space in our heart,,pt,Happy friend's Day,,pt

Feliz Dia do Amigo!

You wear sunscreen in the cold.,,pt,Some people think this is bullshit,,pt,but it is not,,pt,Radiation penetrates the skin directly by altering DNA,,pt,collagen and elastic fibers,,pt,this causes the aging of the skin,,pt,If you wear sunscreen even on cold days,,pt,you can decrease the aging of the skin,,pt?

Algumas pessoas pensam que isso é besteira, mas não é. A radiação penetra diretamente na pele alterando o DNA, as fibras colágenas e elásticas, [...]

Can I make egg freezes,,pt,If you do not want to try to get pregnant before,,pt,it is advisable to freeze glasses,,pt,Since after this age,,pt,natural pregnancy gets harder for some women,,pt,Before,,es,always ask the opinion of a professional,,pt?

Se você não quer tentar engravidar antes dos 35 years, é indicado faça o congelamento de óculos. Já que após essa idade, the natural pregnancy is,,pt,The biggest complaint of the moms in the breastfeeding period is related to the breasts,,pt,such as popsicles and drinks with,,pt [...]

Acompanhe o Dr. Raul Nakano no ESHRE 2018 em Barcelona na Espanha

The director of Ferticlin, Dr. Raul Nakano, He was invited to participate in the European Congress of Reproduction and Embryology, realizado em Barcelona [...]