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Av. Indianópolis, 1960 | Planalto Paulista | Sao Paulo | SP

55 (11) 5581-2045 / 5072-4150 | (11) 99666-1455

Diretor Clínico: Dr. Raul Eid Nakano - CRM 46.514

Clinic for Human Reproduction

The stork sorry but human reproduction is one of the most beautiful and thoughtful in our body. Tudo planejado para acontecer de forma harmoniosa entre órgãos internos e externos e recheado de detalhes importantes para os futuros papais e mamães entenderem melhor a reprodução humana. This blog was created to transform the future parents, As Deepak Chopra says "Knowledge of any type causes a shift in consciousness where it is possible to create new realities". We want every article you can learn more about your body and your partner and together, by knowing, conquer this great dream, having a child.

Hunting words,,pt,Recommended for men who no longer want to have children,,pt,We are talking about.,,pt: Recomendada para homens que não querem mais ter filhos.

Estamos falando da.. R: Vasectomy

#DicaJunina,,es,Tip for pregnant women at the June party,,pt,In pregnancy it is necessary to be careful with some foods,,pt,In this period of June party it is common to eat hot dog,,pt,for future moms,,pt,the sausage is not much advised,,pt,since it is a built-in,,pt,Enjoy the camp without forgetting the care of the food,,pt – Dica para as grávidas na festa junina

Na gravidez é necessário tomar cuidado com alguns alimentos. Nesse período de festa junina é comum comermos hot-dog. But for future moms,pt, [...]

Did you know that one of the explanations for desires during the pregnancy period is nausea,,pt,Yeah,,pt,for some women,,pt,more acidic foods like pineapple,,pt,kiwi,,en,orange and lemon,,pt,and frozen foods,,pt,like popsicles and drinks with lots of ice,,pt,ease the discomfort,,pt,in early pregnancy,,pt,Of course the causes can vary from person to person and it is always important not to confuse the will for certain foods with that of ingesting foreign objects such as clay or brick,,pt,But we want to hear from you.,,pt,How were you sick during your pregnancy?,,pt,Leave a Reply,,pt?

Pois é, para algumas mulheres, alimentos mais ácidos como abacaxi, kiwi, laranja e limão, e alimentos gelados, como picolés e bebidas com muito [...]

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Living is Better Program,,pt,Goodbye TV,,pt,interviewed Dr,,pt,who spoke about the causes and treatments of infertility,,pt,The program,,pt,Living is better,,pt,Good Will TV,,pt,broadcast live,,pt,a special interview on the day,,pt,About the subject,,pt,Treatments for Infertility,,pt,According to data from the World Health Organization,,pt,WHO,,it,one thousand couples can not have children in Brazil,,pt,this represents,,pt,do total,,en,The special guest was the,,pt,director of FertiClin,,pt,Medical Clinic located in São Paulo,,pt,specialized in human reproduction,,pt,The program,,pt,causes of infertility,,pt,and the,,pt,treatments,,pt,available by modern medicine,,pt, da Boa Vontade TV, entrevistou o Dr. Raul Nakano, que falou sobre as causas e tratamentos da infertilidade

O programa Viver é Melhor, da Boa Vontade TV, transmitiu ao vivo, uma entrevista especial no dia 25/05 sobre o tema infertilidade. Segundo dados [...]

Interview with Dr. Raul Nakano for Pindorama Magazine,pt

You know what it is,,pt,Ovulation Induction,,pt,The principle of,,pt,ovulation induction,,pt,is to stimulate the ovaries to produce a small number of ova,,pt,and allow fertilization to occur by coitus scheduled under monitoring,,pt,The most suitable women for this form of treatment are those with hormonal disorders and a condition known as,,pt,polycystic ovary syndrome,,pt: Indução da Ovulação?

The principle of ovulation induction is to stimulate the ovaries to produce a small number of ovules,,pt,and allow fertilization to occur by intercourse,,pt,In vitro fertilization or IVF is a method that was developed to treat couples whose main cause of infertility is a tubal injury,,pt,but,,pt,Throughout gestation,,pt,the woman's body undergoes various changes,,pt, e permitir que a fertilização ocorra por coito [...]

In vitro fertilization,,pt,for whom it is indicated,,pt,is a method that was developed to treat couples whose main cause of infertility is a tubal injury,,pt,but can produce good results in cases of endometriosis,,pt,sperm disorders and,,pt,not explained,,pt,Studies indicate that the expectation of pregnancy after a course of treatment varies between,,pt,even more than,,pt,when transferred in young patients,,pt, pra quem é indicado?

A fertilização in vitro ou FIV é um método que foi desenvolvido para tratar casais cuja principal causa de infertilidade é uma lesão tubária, mas [...]

Exercícios para praticar durante a gestação

Ao longo da gestação, devido ao desenvolvimento do bebê e às intensas modificações hormonais, o organismo da mulher sofre diversas alterações [...]

A pele durante a gravidez

A pele durante a gravidez, revela profundas modificações que ocorrem no organismo materno. Mesmo sendo alterações fisiológicas (normal,pt [...]