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Clinical Director: Dr. Raul Eid Nakano - CRM 46.514

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Assisted Reproduction: CFM wants age limit to be a mother

Assisted Reproduction: CFM wants age limit to be a motherWith the emancipation of women and the entry of women into the professional, there was a delay in the act of conceive.

This scenario adds to the aging of the population and the consequent difficulty of conceive that women suffer from 35 years of life.

Out of these factors, there are also issues related to the risk to women's health . For this razão, the COUNCIL Federal Medical loans is the maximum age limit em 55 years for the person to be subjected to the techniques of assisted reproduction.

The last time that the resolution had been updated was 2010, after being almost 20 years without renewal. For review, the CFM featured contributions from regional councils country's medical. The update was consolidated in October to be sent to the plenary for voting.

One of the more traditional human reproduction clinics Brazil is the Ferticlin, located in Sao Paulo's 25 years, led by gynecologist Dr. Raul Nakano.

According Dr. Raul Nakano "CFM tried to protect the other party involved, that would be the child's right to be able to have fewer young parents, however able to exercise the full exercise of parenthood, this child to maturity.”

The trajectory of Dr. Raul Nakano It occurs in parallel to the emergence of Brazilian first test tube baby. After completing Graduation and Residency in Obstetrics in the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto - USP, the young doctor Dr. Raul Nakano He went to study in Japan, where specialized em Human Reproduction in two of the most prestigious universities in the world, a Kanazawa Medical University (Kanazawa-Japan ) and to Keio University, ( Tokyo).

It was just the beginning of a brilliant career clinic that had momentum on his return to Brazil, where he was technical director of the Center for Family Planning São Paulo, located in the state capital, and commanded by Dr. Milton Nakamura (In Memoriam), responsible for the birth of Brazilian first test tube baby, in 1984.

In Ferticlin you can perform many complex procedures since it has its own Assisted Reproduction Laboratory , can perform procedures like: Freeze and Oocyte thawing, IVF, Artificial insemination, Puncture epididymis, ICSI fertilization po, Induction of Ovulation and Egg Donation, Oocyte Preservation, others.

"We are concerned to attend and bring any clarification of our treatments, Professional, structure and concepts of our work, maintaining quality and excellence in every detail. Today we are recognized and certified by the competent bodies in human reproduction”, reveals Dr. Raul which annually participates in the main Congress Human Fertilisation national and international.