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Av. Indianapolis, 1960 | Planalto Paulista | Sao Paulo - SP
Tel.: +55 (11) 5581-2045 / 5072-4150
E-mail: contato@ferticlin.com.br | (11) 99666-1455
Clinical Director: Dr. Raul Eid Nakano - CRM 46.514

What is human reproduction with IVF (IVF)?

What is human reproduction with IVF (IVF)?

This is a method to treat couples whose main cause of infertility is tubal damage.

You can also generate good results in cases of endometriosis, Sperm disorders and unexplained infertility.

It is a process where fertilization of the egg with sperm is made in the laboratory. sperm, with eggs, are placed in a culture specially prepared and maintained at optimum temperature conditions in the tubes environment that simulates.

If the process evolve favorably, pre-embryos are transferred to the mother's womb.

For over thirty years in the market, the Ferticlin Clinic Human Reproduction is one of the most reputable and certified clinics.

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