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Oocyte Freezing

freeze eggs

Oocyte Freezing* It is known as the egg preservation technique for cooling (freezing) a very low temperature, also known as cryopreservation of eggs, commonly used in assisted reproduction techniques.

  • Usually use is made of liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C.

The Oocyte Freezing can be divided into two types: Congelamento Lento e Vitrificação (Quick)

The Oocyte freezing Slow plus more work, Late, expensive, complex computerized and, I had very low success rate is.

The technique of Vitrification brought simplicity, speed, lower cost and better results viable pregnancy.

However tested after various techniques Oocyte Vitrification, this only consolidated with the disclosure of techniques CryoTop (Kuwayama et al.) and technical The Glass-InGaAs (Almodis et al.) , with clinical outcome of pregnancy successfully close a non glazed egg.

Note: When you are using the technique of cryopreservation by vitrification, there is no formation of "ICE", soon the popular term "freeze eggs" or “egg freezing” that implied the formation of "ICE", it would be inappropriate. Logo are avoided using the term "freeze" or "thaw" in scientific texts, going to use wherever possible the Term: Vitrification and devitrification.