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Uterus of rent

Útero de aluguel

Who ever heard the expression “surrogacy” or “uterus rental“? When in fact the correct one is correct is Replacement of gestation.

Although the popular name of this process is surrogacy, it could not be further from the Brazilian reality. This because it is forbidden to charge to lend the uterus for a pregnancy or want to pay to convince a woman to do this.

The correct term here is Replacement of gestation. It can also be solidarity belly or temporary donation of the uterus to get simpler.

The title has been to novel theme and is surrounded by ethical and cultural issues. It is a treatment used when the woman can not get pregnant, is not to have the uterus or the presence of serious disease that contraindicate pregnancy, even though eggs capable of generating a baby.

In this situation, this couple generates the embryo through techniques IVF (IVF) and, this embryo, It is transferred to the uterus of another woman, that anger “to charge” the baby for nine months and give birth. After birth, the baby is then returned to parents “biological“.

Although recent opinion, similar stories refer to the distant past. According to the Bible, in Genesis, Sarah and Abraham were a couple until then without heirs. Sara had 75 years, unable to conceive. Like this, He offered her Egyptian slave Hagar to generate the first son of Abraham, Ismael.

Today, with the advent of IVF, There are able to form embryos out of the uterus, without the proper intercourse, which allowed the use of “uterus rental“, most popular.

The process of replacement of pregnancy in Brazil cannot be treated as a business transaction, ou seja, may not involve money. Furthermore, the resolution 2121, of 2015, provides that family up to the fourth degree (cousins) of a woman or a man can give the uterus for a pregnancy and have an IVF (IVF) in any assisted reproduction clinic, without authorization from CFM.

The replacement gestation (uterus rental) It is indicated in the following cases:

  • Absence of uterus: women undergoing organ removal (hysterectomy)
  • Birth defects such as uterine malformations or changes to prevent pregnancy
  • maternal diseases with high risk of death during pregnancy, as heart disease, lung or kidney serious
  • Numerous previous implantation failure: when there embryo transfer, but it does not occur pregnancy.

We also emphasize that this is a treatment a little different and requires great generosity among women involved.