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In Vitro Fertilization – IVF

Fertilização in vitro

The IVF or IVF is a method that was developed to address couples whose primary Because of infertilidade is a lesion tubal, but can generate good results in cases of endometriosis, Sperm disorders and unexplained infertility.

Studies indicate that the expectation of pregnancy after one treatment cycle ranges from 35% a 50 % even more 60% when transferred in young patients.

The In Vitro Fertilization is indicated in cases of:

  • Infertility by tubal lesão, but can generate good results in cases of endometriosis;
  • Disorder of sperm;
  • Unexplained Infertility.

Method of In Vitro Fertilicação

During the procedure of IVF is made to remove that multiple eggs are fertilized ovary, laboratory, with the partner's sperm and embryo transfer.

Success rate of In Vitro Fertilization

Treatment of In Vitro Fertilization has been effective in 35% a 50% mas can reach 60% or more depending on the age of the patient and / or embryo quality.

Below is the process of IVF full.

Footsteps of IVF

Start of treatment

  1. Induction of Ovulation

    Drug treatment to stimulate the development of multiple eggs until amuderecimento.

    The hormones are applied 8 a 14 days.Its function is to increase production of ova in the same menstrual cycle rather than just one. Generally some eggs do not meet a quality expected and therefore the IVF requires several eggs to increase the chances of pregnancy.

  2. Monitoramento dos Óvulos

    Control ovulatory series – This process the doctor uses ultrasound or blood test to measure the growth of follicles, individualize the dose of drugs and to determine when the eggs are ready for removal.

  3. Aspiration of Ova

    Collection of eggs, usually under local anesthesia and sedation leading from 10 and 20 minutes

    • Guidance by transvaginal ultrasound;
    • Collection through the vagina (32 a 36 hours after the last injection of hormone)
  4. Pigtail Cum

    Sperm sample is collected at collection of eggs.

    It takes place a selection of sperm, the most active are separated and added to a culture medium along with the eggs in the incubator.

  5. Fertilization in Incubator

    Eggs and sperm are together in the incubator.

    The eggs and sperm preparations are held together during several days in culture, favorecendo to fertilization spontaneously, The product of this union passed to be called embryo.

  6. Embryo Transfer

    Usually three to five days after fertilization.

    Transvaginal embryo transfer into the uterus by a thin catheter. The embryos are usually frozen.

Video about IVF – IVF

Neste video or Dr. Raul Nakano explains treatment IVF.

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