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Artificial insemination (AI)

The Artificial insemination is indicated for patients who have difficulty in carrying out a pregnancy natural, due to problems such as:

  • Defects endocervicais – Defects on the inside of the cervix
  • Hostile cervical mucus – It can be thick and sticky, often or too acid for sperm resist
  • Disturbance discreet semen
  • Infertility without apparent cause or other features that preclude fertilization.

Other factors can also hinder fertilization as counting, motility, and morphology of spermatozoa that must be close to normal limits, as well as the woman's fallopian tubes must also be normal.

Semen is deposited trained in the uterine cavity at the time of ovulation monitored, and using a syringe, sperm are introduced and go straight to the encounter with the egg.

The entire process artificial insemination is made so that the maximum possible that facilitates meeting.

Despite all the technological advances, developments in medicine and various techniques artificial insemination that can be use nowadays, failure can happen and the egg can not be fertilized. Generally the index of success varies 10% a 25% per cycle.

Physicians should try three to four cycles with artificial insemination and, case pregnancy not happen, recommendations are IVF (In vitro fertilization) or GIFT (Intratubária transfer of gametes).

Today, Couples who have difficulty fertilization, can now realize their dream of becoming parents, and to intrauterine insemination is one of the most popular and available resources in reproductive medicine.

Each case must be treated in a very singular, specifying and dealing with the method best suited for each patient, so as soon as symptoms infertility forem detected, and the sooner the couple to a specialist, will have more chances of having a successful treatment. Visit our Clinic and make an appointment today.

Video on Artificial Insemination

Dr. Raul Nakano explaining to Artificial insemination.
Learn the techniques used.