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A dream that came from the cold

Translator Marcia frozen egg to dribble a disease and hope for the best moment to matenidade, feature increasingly used by women. This Sunday celebrates the first day of mothers with small arms Maryana

The same world that witness women abandoning their newborns in trash cans, shares with the other race against time for the chance to be a mother. For these, The Day This Sunday, more than a date on the calendar, is the symbol of a victory against the constraints of nature and cultural impositions. That says a translator and interpreter Marcia Hara, the mother with the baby in the photo on this page. To 39 years, she celebrates her first Mother's Day with small arms Maryana. And this, thanks to a technique that has already made history in science: egg freezing.

Marcia integrates a women's team in the country still small. It is one of the few Brazilian congelaram eggs to have chance to conceber. Married for 13 years with the entrepreneur Celso Hara, postponed childbearing until they discover, due to endometriosis, would not it be easier to realize the dream.

When identified the problem, started the race from clinics in search of the best method of fertilization. “And as soon as I discovered the advantages of freezing, doubts have arisen. I began to question if that was really what I wanted and I was afraid for late motherhood”.

From the focus on technique, however, were only certainties, highlights. Today, says, is better prepared emotionally and financially for a child. “Children need attention and before I simply had no availability”, evaluates.

Maryana, his eldest (yes, she wants to have more children), now has two months. The mother is only pride: “She was born with 2,9 kg and now weighs 7. I'm happy because the treatment worked, pregnancy was uneventful and the baby is fine”.

Optimism / Experiencing Marcia Haras is increasingly common for women. Psychologist and Professor in Developmental Psychology of Ethical Unesp, Nelson Pedro Silva, sees advantages and disadvantages in the phenomenon.

Knowing what you want, Judging is more mature (what, necessarily, does not mean they're), have better financial conditions and symbolic to refer the child, and ability to assimilate the changes caused by motherhood, are advantages

Among the disadvantages, the difficulty to impose limits and impatience, although the company believes that age brings tolerance. “Just by being older, she can not tolerate certain attitudes”, explains.

In evaluating Nelson, the impact of this behavioral phenomenon tends to be long-term positive. He points out that society has changed and changes increasingly rapidly. “A person of 40, 50 years living today an excellent time. It is important to remember that each case is unique and important that it comes after conception and birth: care, educate and give love”, recalls.

Success rate of fertilization is controversial
The technique of egg freezing is not so recent, but, high until sete, eight years, the chances of a woman becoming pregnant by her were much smaller. Only four years ago it began to be used in Brazil with the highest rates of success. While fertility clinics ensure that the percentage of fertilization provided by the technique is about 38%, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine JA assessed the em- 4% (2007).

The specialist in human reproduction, Raul Nakano, explains that before the freeze was made with the same technique used to freeze embryos. The problem is that it caused the appearance of ice crystals, structures harmful to the ovum.

Of a four year s here, account the doctor, Science arrived at a method which prevents the formation of crystals: utilizes a cryoprotectant, substance that surrounds the egg and keeps intact. The name of this method is vitrification.

“It allowed us to not only preserve eggs to delay pregnancy, but, especially, to solve problems of infertility, between Ls, for example, caused the cancer in women who go through chemotherapy”.

The doctor explains that the female ovary is stimulated, drug, to produce extra amount of eggs. Then, they are removed from the woman's body with a needle and treated with the substance cryoprotectant. The following, are dipped in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196 º C.

“The best time for a woman to get pregnant, biologically speaking, is in the house 20 years. To 35, the fertility rate begins to fall, just when, nowadays, many start thinking about getting pregnant”, punctuates the doctor, monthly, in his clinic (www.ferticlin.com.br), apply the technique on about twenty women. Most do treatment because of infertility, but several, although fertile, opt for the technique to be able to get pregnant at a more opportune time.

15 thousand dollars is what can cost vitrification

Technique may be an option for young cancer
Vitrification can be presented to young women with cancer as an alternative to the design. Both chemotherapy and radiotherapy, used to treat disease, can leave women infertile young. Index equals problems for natural birth

Studies have shown that the rate of problems among children born from frozen eggs fruit by vitrification is 2,5%, percentage comparable to that recorded in natural births.